Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

Hurricane Ian ripped through the lower part of Florida on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 as a strong Category 4 hurricane. Along with the strong winds came incredibly high storm surge levels in parts of Florida.

Our Disaster Relief crews are deploying to help with recovery efforts following Hurricane Ian. They are assisting in setting up the Incident Command Center for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief in Naples, Florida.

How Can You Help?

Feeding Volunteers

Feeding volunteers are needed now! If you have training in this area and want to volunteer, please call 318-251-0065.

If you would like to volunteer for chaplain, mud out, chainsaw, laundry, or assessor positions, please send an email to with your interest and availability.

Start Your Training

If you are interested in volunteering but do not yet have Disaster Relief training, start the process on the Louisiana Baptist website. This will begin your training, register you for your badge, and complete your background check.

Once you watch the videos and complete the form/payment, watch for an email to complete your background check. Once this is complete, your badge, shirts, and cap will be mailed directly to you.


One of the most important things you can do is pray for our Disaster Relief crews and for the people who were affected by this storm. Gather a group and form a prayer team. Spend some time praying for safe travels, for wisdom, and for strength as they enter a heavily devastated area.


If you would like to donate to help fund our teams, click the donate button below! These funds will go to buy supplies and maintain equipment that our crews will need while working and to serve the families in Florida.

Pray for Florida Graphics

Click the button below to download the “Pray for Florida” graphics to be used on social media and in your announcements for Sunday Services.