What does Carey Baptist Association do?

Carey Baptist Association works to help Pastors and Church Leaders in reaching the community around them for the glory of the kingdom.

Carey Baptist Association members work together to share the grace and love of Jesus. Embracing the concept of Biblical Community, autonomous churches unite in cooperation to carry out the Great Commission. Gifted pastors, staff, and faithful members join in serving the diverse people and culture of Southwest Louisiana.

The three biggest missions of the Carey Baptist Association are Serving our community, Renewing and Revitalizing dying churches, and Planting new churches in communities that need to be reached.

We connect pastors and churches with opportunities to serve their community through Disaster Relief projects, mission trip opportunities, community service projects, and more. We want our churches in the Carey Baptist Association to fulfill the Great Commission!

Although we hate that is happens, churches struggle from time to time. Whether it is an issue internally or if it is a dying church, we want to be here to help. If this is the case for your church, our Director of Missions would like to sit down with your pastor and church leaders and begin the process of renewing and revitalizing the ministry in your church. We want to do what we can to help your church thrive, grow, and disciple others.

What do we do when there is a community we want to reach, but we can’t get them to come to us? We go to them! This is where church planting comes in. Many of our church plants are community oriented, meaning that they meet in a location within the community they are attempting to reach. That may be a school, a community center, a park, or wherever they feel the Lord would have them to meet to best reach the people living in that community. Pray about church planting today! Does the Lord want you to plant a church? Let’s talk about it!

Dr. Bruce L. Baker

Dr. Bruce L. Baker

Director of Missions
(337) 499-0757

Sara Drott

Sara Drott

Director of Communication
(337) 474-1865