Do you have what it takes to be a church planter?

We have so many churches already, why do we need to plant more? This is a question that is often asked in church planting, so why do we continue to plant more churches? First and foremost, the Great Commission commands us to GO and tell others the good news of what Christ has done for us. We can’t expect the world to come to us, we must GO to them. Church plants often focus heavily on community. The church planters go to an area in a city where the people of that community are not being reached. Those people, more than likely, will not come to us; we must go to them, build relationships with them, and show them the love of Christ.

I Think God Is Calling Me

Want to know if you have what it takes to become a church planter? Click to button to the right to read about the FIVE things you must do before becoming a church planter.

Not sure yet? Consider being part of a church planting team! Nothing prepares you for planting like experiencing it first hand as a team member. If you’re able, find a new church to become a member of for a year & get to know real life church planting. You can use this time to work on the five things on that list and to pray for God to show you His will and the community He would have you to serve.

If you believe that God is calling you into the ministry of church planting, we would like to encourage you to click the buttons below to learn more. If you have any questions, our Director, Dr. Bruce L. Baker, would be delighted to sit down and speak more about it with you.