Does your church need an online presence? The answer is MOST DEFINITELY!

You may ask, “Why do we need a website? Why do we need to be on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media sites?” We are living in a culture that is heavily dependent on the internet. Many people will often look online before they visit a place or make a purchase, and so it is with a church. People may pass by your church 50 times a week but have no clue about the people inside or what you are about. If they are interested, they may do a quick Google search of the church name. But guess what…if you aren’t online, nothing will come up except a Google map of where you are!

With the changing of times, the church also has to learn how to adapt to the new forms of communication. Email and post cards often get overlooked (don’t stop sending them though).

A website can reach the community in so many ways. You can share upcoming events, who you are, what you believe, who your pastor is, and so much more! Still not sure about it? Give us a call today and let us go deeper into it with you.

Want a website or social media site but don’t know how? That’s not a problem. We can help! Contact us today about setting up a website or social media sites for your church!